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  Recruitment for the current issue of "Transcarpathian Philological Studies" is ongoing.

Authors who publish their article in № 23 for 2022 under the general conditions with the payment of the publication fee will have the opportunity to publish their work free of charge until the year-end in one of the following issues of the journal.
We want to support every scientist in this difficult time!

The publication of the article in Issue 23/2022 should be published no later than June 30, 2022 (inclusive):

  fill in the author's online help form - links;

  send to the Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. an article prepared according to the specified requirements;

The editorial board conducts an internal anonymous review of the article, after which the author is provided with details for payment of the publication fee.

  send a scanned copy of your post payment receipt.

The cost of publishing an article up to 12 sheets is 900 UAH. If the amount of work exceeds the specified, the cost of the additional page is 50 UAH.

The editorial board has the right to review, edit, shorten and reject articles. The editorial board does not always share the position of the authors of the publications.

During the wartime situation in Ukraine, the journal will be published exclusively in electronic form.



The editorial board within 1 day informs the participant that the article has been received.

The editorial board of the journal conducts internal anonymous review of the article (2-3 days).

The editorial staff is authorized to edit the scientific and literary editing of the received materials, if necessary, to shorten them in agreement with the author, or to send the article for revision to the author.

The editorial board reserves the right to reject an article that does not meet the established requirements or subject matter of the journal. If the article is rejected, the editorial board gives the author a reasoned conclusion.


Thematic sections of the journal "Transcarpathian Philological Studies":

1. Ukrainian language;    

2. Russian;

3. Slavic languages;

4. Germanic languages;

5. Romance languages;   

6. Baltic languages;

7. Indo-Iranian languages;

8. Turkic languages;

9. Finno-Ugric and amateur languages;

10. Iberian-Caucasian languages;

11. Mongolian languages;

12. Semitic languages;

13. The languages of the peoples of Asia, Africa, the native peoples of America and Australia;

14. Classical languages. Some Indo-European languages;

15. General linguistics;

16. Translation Studies;

17. Comparative-historical and typological linguistics;

18. Structural, Applied and Mathematical Linguistics;

19. Literary Studies;

20. Ukrainian literature;

21. Russian literature;

22. Literature of the Slavic peoples;

23. Literature of foreign countries;

24. Comparative Literature;

25. Literature theory;

26. Folklore;

27. Literary Studies and Textology;

28. Crimean Tatar literature.



Article volume from 10 to 20 pages, including illustrations, tables, graphs, and references. Text font - Times New Roman, size 14, 1.5 spacing; margins on all sides - 20 mm.

If the article contains tables and / or drawings, they should be compact, have title, text font - Times New Roman, size 12.

The number of tables, formulas and illustrations should be minimal and appropriate.

References to the sources should be made in square brackets, indicating the page numbers according to the source: for example, [3, p. 234] or [2, p. 35; 8, p. 234].

The list of sources used is submitted at the end of the article in the order of reference of sources in accordance with DSTU 8302: 2015 “Information and documentation. Bibliographic reference. General Provisions and Rules of Assembly ”as amended (UNCODE 01.140.40).



 Required structural elements:

– formulation of the problem in general and its relation to important scientific or practical tasks;

– an analysis of the latest research and publications in which the problem is solved and which the author relies on;

– highlighting previously unresolved parts of the general problem addressed in the article;

– formulating the goals of the article (setting the task);

– presentation of the main research material with full justification of scientific results;

– conclusions from this study and prospects for further exploration in this area.

The article should contain UDC, ORCID ID code (if the author is not registered in ORCID, it is necessary to create an account by the link), annotations and keywords in Ukrainian and English, translation of the article title into English; the volume of each abstract - a minimum of 1800 characters, the number of keywords - a minimum of 5 words.

The editorial staff receives DOI for articles.

Language of publications: Ukrainian, English.

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